Healthcare For-Profit

Speed to market is the cornerstone of the for-profit healthcare model and S&ME excels at this concept.   This is accomplished by the use of standard materials, prefabricated or modular components and multiple design packages.   At S&ME we are accustomed to the speed and efficiency that the for profit healthcare industry desires.   As healthcare delivery regulations continue to change and technology advances these will dictate that our designs provide for an efficient layout yet retain the flexibility to make changes in the future with little to no impact on the facility.      Understand the operational aspects of a healthcare campus is ingrained in the S&ME healthcare design teams and comes as second nature.   S&ME has been working on healthcare campuses all across the country for the past 30 years which gives us unparalleled knowledge in the design of new hospitals, hospital additions, free standing departments and medical office buildings.

Healthcare campuses are also becoming a bigger part of the community and have the ability to provide recreational amenities to benefit not only the community at large but also provide a better healing environment.   By utilizing required elements such as detention ponds as focal points we can also integrate walking trails and benches to help improve the health of the campus users and to make what was once an element hidden in the back of the site a campus asset.   It has also been proven that nature can be therapeutic and relieve stress during recovery and can play a major part of a patient’s wellbeing.  Studies have shown that access to the natural environment have a higher pain threshold.   S&ME’s designers have extensive experience in the design of Healing Gardens, Therapy Gardens, courtyards and outdoor dining areas.  This benefits not only patients but staff and visitors as well.

Expandability is also key to a healthcare campus.   Understanding expansion zones, required access points as well as long term maintenance is imperative to the design of a successful healthcare project.    S&ME professionals are experienced in the planning, design, engineering and construction of for-profit hospitals on a national basis. An S&ME design professional can assist healthcare systems to meet their objectives.

Services we can provide include:

  • Pre-planning, Programmatic, and Due Diligence Services
  • Economic Development Services
  • Site Access / Land Use Analysis
  • Master Planning and Conceptual Plans
  • Facility Studies
  • Traffic Analyses and Design Development Services
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance
  • Utility Design and Relocation
  • Stormwater Detention Design and Planning
  • Zoning and Planning Commission Approval Assistance
  • Development of Detailed Opinions of Probable Construction Cost
  • Permitting and entitlements