First Move Forward

first move forward

Sometimes A Good Offense Is The Best Defense.

Did you know that the average driver operates a vehicle in reverse for only about one mile annually, yet statistics show that 25-30% of all accidents occur while vehicles are backing up? Consider that drivers looking for parking spaces are distracted; people backing out of parking spaces are concerned with avoiding collision with the vehicles on either side. Both drivers are distracted and so accidents happen.

S&ME is constantly looking for ways to improve safety and we would like to share a defensive driving initiative that has brought us some success. It is called First Move Forward. This safe driving technique is easily put into practice by planning ahead.  When you choose a parking space in a parking lot with open ended stalls, choose one that you can pull through and park facing out so that when you exit your First Move is Forward.

At S&ME we have taken the First Move Forward technique a step further.  When you cannot pull through a parking space, back into the space whenever possible and legal. In both cases, when you exit drive forward out of the space.

While it can seem uncomfortable at first, this defensive driving technique has been embraced by our employees. We encourage you to try it at your offices and see if you too can reduce the near misses in your parking lots.

Watch this video to view how to back into a parking spot.

Have a safe driving day!