Waste Management

S&ME is a leader in the waste management industry. We provide a full suite of solutions for municipal and industrial waste owners. S&ME offers civil engineering, hydrogeologic and geotechnical services, natural resources and environmental services, cultural resources, construction administration, and construction quality assurance necessary to site, permit, design, construct, and support operations of waste management facilities.

We understand that industries and local governments are faced with complex and highly visible solid waste management decisions. Furthermore, we understand how dynamic the solid waste industry is, from emerging technologies to changes in government regulations. S&ME personnel stay abreast of technical and regulatory developments, through their research and participation in professional organizations. In addition, S&ME personnel have developed and maintain sound working relationships with State regulators through the course of their various solid waste projects.

Abandoned Mine Reclamation

Historical mining activity, whether for coal, clay, limestone or other minerals, can impact the surface of the earth years after extraction is finished. Impacts can include ground surface subsidence, acid mine drainage, slope instability, unsafe…

Municipal and Industrial Solid Waste

S&ME offers our clients turn-key project services from preliminary investigation, land acquisition, permitting, design, through to construction and operations. We further assist our clients in attaining and maintaining regulatory compliance…