Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance

Our clients need, want and expect it. Our focus on quality includes annual training for technical staff, peer review among senior personnel, sharing and highlighting lessons learned to promote continuous improvement, and a systematic approach to obtaining client feedback.  Our Quality Assurance program is structured to meet the specific requirements of individual clients and projects and includes the following:

Nuclear Quality Assurance

S&ME works under our NQA-1 quality program for nuclear safety-related testing conducted in our labs, at nuclear plants and under U.S. Department of Energy programs.  We have completed NUPIC and NIAC audits, as well as external audits by major utilities and prime contractors.

Commercial and Industrial Quality Assurance

S&ME maintains an active AMRL R-18 laboratory quality program to support our commercial and industrial clients as well as Department of Transportation clients.

Senior Review

Our internal quality assurance measures include our Senior Review Program.  Practically all project documents require at least two authors, with one being a Senior Reviewer. To achieve the designation of Senior Reviewer, our personnel must pass rigorous certification processes, including minimum experience levels, training, and technical competence review.